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Sulfuric acid 98% | CAS No. 7664-93-9 | Hydrogen sulfate; Oil of vitrio

A chemical widely used by the Dyestuff, Pharmaceutical, Crop Protection, Metallurgy and Chemical industries.

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Liquid sulfur dioxide | CAS No. 7446-09-5 | Sulfurous oxide; Sulfurous anhydride

A chemical used as a disinfectant in breweries and food factories and to bleach textile fibers. The product is also used as a solvent and to preserve foods and vegetables.

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Liquid sulfur trioxide | CAS No. 7446-11-9 | Sulfuric anhydride

A product used as a sulphonating agent in chemical reactions.

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Oleum 65% and 25% | CAS No. 8014-95-7 | Fuming sulfuric acid; Oleum 65%; Oleum 25%; Sulfuric acid with mixed sulfur trioxide

A chemical used particularly to manufacture specialty chemicals. The product also finds an application in the Dyestuff industry.

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